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Q&A – Questions & Answers


What is “Remote Opportunities”?

Remote Opportunities is a job portal website which was designed entirely for the purpose of posting and searching remote jobs.


Does “Remote Opportunities” participate in the recruitment process?

Remote Opportunities does not participate in any way in the recruitment process, nor in the consequent communication and negotiation process between the companies and the candidates.


What is the difference between the various job types?

Remote Opportunities offers four types of job ads tiers which were made specifically to help companies represent the importance and/or the urgency of the position they would like to advertise. Job ads tiers are as follows: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.


What is the duration of the job ads/posts on the website?

Duration of all job ads/posts is 30 days. Companies have the option to stop any job type ad at any time due to various reasons (e.g. number of candidates required has been reached, job is no longer active, etc.)


Where can I see the jobs I saved during my search?

You can find the jobs you saved using the “Save” button during your search in “Saved jobs” section located in your user profile.


Where can I see the jobs I have applied to?

You can always check the jobs you have applied to in the section “My applications” located in your user profile.


How does my CV reach the employer?

Your CV and other documents reach the employers upon submitting them using the apply options provided (Quick and/or External Application) in each job post and are accessible only by the company you have applied to.

Do other users or companies have access to my CV and documents?

No. Other users cannot access your personal information and companies can access only the information you have sent to them.


What personal information of mine do the companies/employers have access to?

Companies have access only to the information you have sent to them via the documents you used during the application process.


Do you guarantee that I will be invited to a job interview?

No. Remote Opportunities does not participate in the recruitment process in any way and therefore cannot give any guarantees that you will be contacted for the specific job position advertised.


How can I learn more about a particular company?

You can always check company's business card on our website where detailed information might be included or visit the company’s website.


I forgot my password. What should I do?

You should go to the home page and open the user login menu. There you will find “Forgot your password?” option.


If you have issues with your account, want to report a problem with a job post or just ask us a question you may find us at: